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Commander of Space Station ULZ-53, Dr. Daniel is a scientist on a forgotten research station in deep space. He is conducting research on evolved Android development on the space lab since the study of them on Earth is forbidden. Dr. Daniel was played by Klaus Kinski.
Assistant to Dr. Daniel, Max 404 is a lonely and charming android who has dreams of one day traveling to Earth. When three strangers arrive, he hopes they will fulfill his dream. Max 404 was played by Don Keith Opper, who also co-wrote the screenplay.
On the run and having already killed... three space fugitives take refuge on a remote space station. They give false names to Max in an attempt to elude capture by Terapol police who are on their trail.  The fugitives are played by Crofton Hardester, Brie Howard and Norbert Weisser.
Android  is  a  1982  Aaron  Lipstadt  movie  filmed  in  Roger  Corman’s  studio. It stars Don Opper, Klaus Kinski, Norbert Weisser, Brie Howard, Kendra Kirchner and Crofton Hardester. Android was written by Don Opper and James Reigle. Rupert Harvey, Barry Opper and Mary Ann Fisher, Producers.
Dr. Daniel
Max 404
The Fugitives
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